Pharmacy Management Software Modules

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your pharmaceutical operations with extensive integration, intelligent automation and real time reporting.


An effective purchasing module is necessary for pharmacy management Software.

Our Purchase module generates and tracks the entire item acquisition process through Purchase Request, purchase quote, Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice.

Purchase Request is generated from the system to save items in the stock. Supplier quotes are obtained into items with multiple supplier price comparisons used by the system to support supplier selection for each purchase order.


It is again vital as this keeps a record of the buyer/seller information for whom you sell or distribute the medicines/who is responsible for those medicines.


Keep details of customers who are already using our software or application.

Customer will be easily register using email address or social accounts. All the customers details are store in this module like: Address, Contact no, Prescriptions, Transaction history, etc...


This system maintains the medicine consumption cycle between the pharmacies at hospitals and the similar warehouses (i.e. local and global). The suggested method is based on the system of EMS to ensure the reaching of the medicine required.

It is important to note that the system monitors the quantity of the involved medicines and manages the computerized ordering procedure.

This is accomplished by getting the orders from local pharmacies/stores in the related warehouse for returning after checking the availability.

Pharma Distribution

The Pharmaceutical distribution module includes contact management that also pertains to the pertains to the processing of sales orders.

It presents an integrated solution for sales and marketing activities. Its organization will produce improvements to service, sale and marketing operations.

The Pharmaceutical management ERP software is about customer retention, loyalty and gaining customer insight for improved operations.


Sales Management Module is one of the usually used modules and it is essential for a Pharmacy medical Software. It is the time and place where the actual transaction is taking place. Clients make a transaction in exchange for the purchased item.

So, the software needs to capture all the related details of this transaction. Pharmacy Management Software becomes a very good system in place to manage the Sales Management Module. It has advantages to handle Regular, Wholesale, Retail Customers and Normal Patients, who are able to pay by cash on time – Cash Patient and who has insurance to declare the amount later – Insurance Patient. Pharmacy management system software provides complete Paperless data collection of the insurance patient.

E – Claim

Pharmaceutical ERP Software helps the Pharmacies to prepare their e-claims’ submission to the concerned insurance companies and health professionals.

This system is a totally automated one and also controls remittance advice and re-submissions. It assures the automatic loading of relevant data from the Point of Sale Module. Claim xml can be easily checked by the pharmacist itself. Pharmacy medical software has a unique part of processing E-Claim system in which the xml transactions will happen at the back end. So, any end user will be able to make it possible through Pharmaceutical ERP software.

E – Prescription

This Modules enables that medicine transmits from doctor or other healthcare provider's computer to the pharmacy's computer electronically through a private, secure, and closed network.

This transmission supports pharmacologist avoid misinterpretation of prescription and decreases the overall time taken for the transaction. It also makes the refill process simpler to track.

Pharmacy User management

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing ERP software solutions provides an enhanced pharmacy user management module regardless of any type of Pharmacy System.

The Pharmacy user management Module enables the Pharmacy Admin to trace every process is done in the System by different privileged users. Several users can be assigned with different permissions to access some or all functionalities. They can also be allowed special privileges to join roles and provide privileges for a new user.

Centralized Inventory management

Pharmacy Management Software gives an inventory management system to manage the flow of products and services in and out of your organization.

The purpose of inventory management is to give uninterrupted production, sales, and/or customer-service levels at the minimum cost. Pharmaceutical ERP software maintains Centralized Inventory in the case of multiple pharmacies under your single organization.

Barcode Generation and scanning

Pharmacy ERP Software provides barcode generation and Scanning option for specific product details tracking.

It develops the transaction speed and reduces the human error. Barcode is created for every product at the time of purchase and then barcode is scanned at the time of giving the same product. Complete and detailed tracking of every product is possible within Pharmacy management system.

Security & Administration

This module deals with security by managing/controlling the access to different modules and sub-modules accessible in the software.

It also deals with the other secured parameters like conveying the database of medicine, staff etc.  


This module shows all medicines that must be issued to patient and charges continued levied and generates an automatic billing as per those.

A fast and easy billing system with an intelligent search for medicines by just encircling initial letters.  


You can be Integrate with third-party logistics partners for doorstep medicine delivery.

The user will be quickly finding all logistics partner data in this module. Either it was transaction history or data related to particular logistics partner.  

Staff, HR and Payroll management

This module allows registering several and every staff members of the Pharmacy.

Also, the consultant doctors can be registered here with a separate block of consultants, in case if a pharmacy has availability of doctors. Easy retrieval of Staff Members with the help of different search strings like Staff Name, phone number, email ID, staff code etc. 

Drug Expiry alerts

Pop-up alerts are generated to inform the pharmacist about expiry of the medication and in addition to this, the software automatically traces the expiring drugs for pharmacies and sub-stories in the wards and all those are performed in a single screen.

This unique and important feature of Pharmacy software enables avoidance of errors throughout the distribution of medicines to patients.


The report is a collective data displayed in a pdf format, based on the search criteria, Online pharmacy management software will generate all reports related to pharmacy management.

Daily Acquisition reports, Age-wise, Department wise, sales analysis, Insurance claims, all Purchase and sales wise reports are created on each module itself.