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The Drug Information System or online Pharmacy Management System, Citta Solutions offers this as a well-integrated module helpful in maintaining drug distribution, stock administration and in monitoring functions of an incorporated pharmacy outlet in a healthcare center. This module works with receiving the prescriptions from the consulting doctors that automatically indicates into dispensing unit to a respective patient which does not need any manual intervention.

The pharmaceutical inventory has also the requirements for FIFO and LIFO dispensing systems that can work as per the hospital requirements. The batch nos., drug interactions, mfg. dates, expiry dates and all the relevant details are properly performed to avoid wrong medicine distribution.

Stock levels can also be maintained as per the policy and protocols of the hospitals. Other features are highlighted below.

Features of Pharmacy Management System

In the case of Pharmacy Management Software, the developing business desires for it to be complicated and robust. Like, it should be ready to track inventory, generate several reports, manage workflow, maintain complex billing adjudications in real-time, keep track of comprehensive dispensing data and a lot more. It requires dozens of essentials features so, let’s explore them here.

Deal with all of your assets, control and manage business effectively over all your stores as one unit.


The Pharmacy software is quite user-friendly and it has the capability to keep a record of patient, drug & prescription information, which is surely ....

Gain access to real-time stock level of all outlets/store and make transfers from central stockroom.

HIPAA and regulatory compliance

That goes without assuming that the system must be aligned with legal requirements in the field hence it must comply by HIPAA & regulatory ...

Run a central purchasing or manufacturing system for your store/outlets.

Full prescription management

As combined with ePrescription, the software offers to accomplish the full prescription provided
by the doctors...

Retail365Cloud helps you build your customer base and keeps you connected with them via free app for your customers.

A/R management

Account Receivables Management is essential in the arena of healthcare to assure the smooth & successful functioning and that owed amount ...

Customer will receive a virtual voucher by email/SMS that they can use to make the payment at the time of sale.

Inventory Management

This is amongst the most useful features combined in this kind of method as it helps in increasing efficiency & decreasing pharmacy ...

Retail365Cloud is built with powerful & simple analytics to view overall sales, Payments, Taxes transaction, inventory and related information.

Accuracy & Safety

As it is the question of many lives, hence the system offers the fail-safe features for accuracy & safety, hence leaving no scope for errors ...

Pharmacy Management Software Modules

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your pharmaceutical operations with extensive integration, intelligent automation and real time reporting.


An effective purchasing module is necessary for pharmacy management Software. Our Purchase module generates and tracks the entire item acquisition...


It is again vital as this keeps a record of the buyer/seller information for whom you sell or distribute the medicines/who is responsible for those medicines ...


Keep details of customers who are already using our software or application. Customer will be easily register using email address or social accounts....


This system maintains the medicine consumption cycle between the pharmacies at hospitals and the similar warehouses (i.e. local and global)...

Pharma Distribution

The Pharmaceutical distribution module includes contact management that also pertains to the pertains to the processing of sales orders. It presents....


Sales Management Module is one of the usually used modules and it is essential for a Pharmacy medical Software. It is the time and place where the actual transaction ...

Benefits of Pharmacy ERP Software

By the help of right software, you will be able to deliver the greatest level of care to your patients while it will more help in maximizing profits and enable you to spend more time producing new business. There are various benefits associated with Pharmacy Management Software, so let’s explore a few more.

Exclusive pharmacy software

It provides strong drug specification information with drug-drug interactions and food interaction information to avoid medication error.

Control your business

This software allows the user to gain control and simplify business at a faster pace.

To operate easily

The Pharmacy management ERP software is user-friendly and it’s backed with strong features that are easily operable.

Automate your business

Pharmacy management software allows automating every sales operation and maintains detailed records.

Avoid Expiries

Pharmacy software provide an advance expiry alerts to keep a check on stocks and make timely purchase orders.

Save cost and time

The complete work of the pharmacy will be handling in this one software and, thereby, it reduces manual labor and, saves cost and time.

Mobile application for Pharmacy Industry

Build an on-demand medicine ordering app to provide convenient and affordable access to prescription drugs, medicines, healthcare products and more online.

Customer Application


Click and upload the prescription picture and get it digitized by a pharmacist.

Easy Onboarding

Getting started is seamless with social login and email options.

Smart Search

Promptly find medicines by name or salt and use auto suggest and filters.

Medicine Info

Get useful information about the medicines before placing any order.

Find Substitutes

Find details about cheaper options and alternatives to prescribed drugs.

Refill Prescription

Promptly reorder without needing to upload prescription again.

Admin App

Control Center

A web-based admin panel allowed to manage all aspects of the business.

Manage Inventory

Attach medicines, get low inventory alerts, manage pricing and more.

Manage Pharmacists

Create and manage a qualified network of pharmacists to review orders.

Manage Orders

View all orders in one place, track their status and fulfilment details.

Manage Customers

Retain a secure database of all the customers with their key information.

Payments & Offers

Build account details, create new discount offers and view their performance.

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