Features of Pharmacy Management System

In the case of Pharmacy Management Software, the developing business desires for it to be complicated and robust. Like, it should be ready to track inventory, generate several reports, manage workflow, maintain complex billing adjudications in real-time, keep track of comprehensive dispensing data and a lot more. It requires dozens of essentials features so, let’s explore them here.


The Pharmacy software is quite user-friendly and it has the capability to keep a record of patient, drug & prescription information, which is surely come useful for future acquisitions or other purposes.

HIPAA and regulatory compliance

That goes without assuming that the system must be aligned with legal requirements in the field hence it must comply by HIPAA & regulatory acquiescence (consisting of FDA required Med Guides& DEA Reporting).

Full prescription management

As combined with ePrescription, the software offers to accomplish the full prescription provided by the doctors.

A/R management

Account Receivables Management is essential in the arena of healthcare to assure the smooth & successful functioning and that owed amount is returned back in the shortest time possible. It seems after dismissed claims and reopens them to get maximum reimbursement.

Inventory Management

This is amongst the most useful features combined in this kind of method as it helps in increasing efficiency & decreasing pharmacy inventory costs via annual usage-based purchase decisions. When inventory is tracked via a computerized system, the pharmacy staff will not need to indulge in labor-intensive inventory activities, and their time would be used well in other important activities. Furthermore, this feature also increases security as it is able to control access to medicines in pharmacy and promotes medication dispensing accuracy.

Electronic Prescriptions

Using this feature, your drugstore will be getting new & refill prescriptions directly into the pharmacy management systems from doctors for review, and this will be necessary for the faster completion of the dispensing process.

e-Signature Capture

This feature is truly useful as it allows you to electronically track acknowledgment for each prescription. Signature capture interfaces assist pharmacy staff in keeping time at POS, while the prescription sale & credit/debit card will also be employed in one transaction.

Barcode Verification

Without any difficulty, it is an essential element of pharmacy management systems, as it offers help with several features throughout the system, such as retrieval of refill information, Point of Sale (POS) scanning, affirmation of dispensed product, which enhances efficiency and efficiency.

Advanced Reporting

This feature is extremely a crucial one as it provides the pharmacy /store staff to make reports faster with the help of an inclusive easy-to-use library of built-in reports, and also custom reports which are based on accurate information that you wish to track & carry in the report.

Clinical integration:

It acts wonders when a pharmacy software is integrated with a number of clinical tools that pharmaceutics can use all along the day. For example, drug intercommunication details, dosing guide, and also lab data (whenever needed). Also, integrate MTM services into the software.

Accuracy & Safety

As it is the question of many lives, hence the system offers the fail-safe features for accuracy & safety, hence leaving no scope for errors.

Pill Imaging

This helps in stopping incorrect prescription dispensing. The quality assurance check takes place, medicines are displayed & matched with bottle contents thus assuring that correct drugs are available. This makes a valuable control point which assures the accuracy and quality of dispensing prescriptions.

All of these features combined will definitely assist you to take your pharmacy to a completely new level.